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Colin Bester
Feb 22, 2022
In Defender (new)
I am expecting delivery of a 23MY Defender March/April. It's not a build I built but rather one that came available and I was able to jump on it. I am concerned about the 22" rims as I want to be able to go off road - nothing drastic but slippery mud very likely and smaller rocks etc. Also, we have lots of prickly pear around which you can't always avoid driving over. I have been in negotiations with dealership on swapping out the 22" for 20" rims which has been a difficult conversation as I feel it would give me more options. But, I have found some all terrain tires that are 275/45r22 which I assume would work - I know not ideal as more sidewall is better but I am not looking for rock crawling or even extreme overloading - we live on the property and love to take folks around so swapping tires on an as needed basis is not practical. I am also concerned that when I try fit all terrain tires that tire fitment places may refuse to fit them if not sanctioned by Land Rover - I know this is to be common for high performance cars. I'd love to hear from anyone with experience.
Colin Bester

Colin Bester

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