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Garry Masters
Feb 17, 2022
In Range Rover Sport L320
Hi Johnson Rods, Can you please confirm my understanding of a few points? I'm in the UK and my RRS is a November 2012 model L320. Here we go apologies in advance for the length and boredom... Lift kits are available in 1.5", 2.5" & 3.0" kits, let's take the 3" kit as an example. Do these adjust the standard air suspension heights by this amount permanently whilst fitted? Therefore, meaning you can lower or higher the suspension, up to the off-road height and down to access height PLUS the 3" lift that's been installed? Are there any restrictions this gives? Does anything else need modifying? Does this cause extra wear or pressure on the air suspension system as it's extended permanently? Other than the obvious differences in height are there any other pro's or cons? Also, I'm not sure what height to think about as I use my RR on the road about 500-600 miles per week on average, sometimes more and sometimes less. Is the height just a personal choice? or are there other things to consider? Do you get a large difference in the amount of roll if you go up to 3"? If I go for a 3" lift what's the best 20" tyre size to fit? Do you ship to the UK or have a distributor? Thanks so much in advance, Garry
Garry Masters

Garry Masters

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