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4 Ways To Lower And Lift Your Car Or Truck

Do you wish to lower and lift your car or truck? If you drive an offroad truck or a lowrider, you might want to know more about lifting and lowering. It’s ideal for you to know the different types of lowering and lifting that you can use.

The thing about having your car as close to the ground as you possibly can is that it enhances its handling performance. This not only gives you more road feel, but it should also reduce your rollover risk. Customizing your car is a great way to make it look as good as you want it to feel.

It’s always a great idea to read on to find out more about what options you have available when you want to lower and lift your car or truck.

1. Lowering Kits

The one thing that you’ll enjoy about using any lowering kit to lift or lower your car is that they’re a far more convenient option. They also save you time because they come with parts that match the model of your particular car or truck. As a result, you won’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out what’s compatible with your car.

This is an ideal option if you’re someone who prefers to DIY. You can easily manage most of the work that you need to start and finish the project in your garage. You find different types of kits depending on what you need. Prices will vary according to what package you opt for.

2. Air Suspension

Having buoyancy in your car helps it to float gently. There are flexible canisters that are used to hold and release the air instead of using springs to do so. Air suspension bags are used to lower and lift your car or truck to help with performance needs.

In fact, many lowriders rely on air suspension to lower their cars. It should help give your car the kind of dramatic drop and rise that you want.

3. Hydraulic Suspension

Hydraulics are a great idea if you struggle with inclined driveways or extreme weather conditions. The most important reason for you to choose this type of lowering and lifting is that it lets you control the height of your car or truck. It’s also a versatile option that uses a fluid pressure system.

When compared to using your air pressure system, this one is considered a faster option. The only downside to using fluid hydraulics is that it can be a more expensive option. So, it’s always crucial for you to consider how much you’re willing to spend.

4. Body Lift

Sometimes, your car has balance issues that can affect a lot of things. Some people prefer to use a torsion lift, while others choose to use a body lift to fix this problem. Raising the body of your car is a simple process that can be achieved with rubber blocks.

The only thing that’s lifted is the body of your car or truck, and your suspension system stays in the same place.

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