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Johnson Rod lift kits for the L405 and L322 are premium lift rods designed to lift your Range Rover using the existing air suspension while maintaining the use of the terrain response system. Our lift kits are made from 304 stainless steel and military grade rubber which make them the most reliable and dependable lift product available for your Range Rover. We have a 1.5 inch and 1 inch lift kit for the L405 and a 2 inch lift for the L322.  Our Johnson Rod lift kits will enable you to run larger off-road tires and gain the added ground clearance needed to take on the most challenging trails. Installation can be done in 30 minutes with no special tools required. Ask your Land Rover dealer or independent mechanic to install Johnson Rods.


The Range Rover L405 is known for its great off-road capability.  Our Johnson Rod 1.5 or 1 inch lift kit enhances that ability and allows you to run larger off-road tires with additional ground clearance.  Our stainless steel lift kits have taken on tough mountain trails, extreme temperatures of the desert, deep snow and sandy beaches.  Johnson Rods are the brand of choice for Land Rover dealers and custom shops worldwide due to their quality, fit and ability to withstand the harshest conditions.  If you love your Range Rover, you will love having our kit for your next build.

L405 2013 Nitto Trail Grappler MT LT28555R20 michael Forster 4.jpg

"I have said "Johnson Rods dot com" about 1,000,000 times, from Carmel CA to Asheville NC, from Spokane to San Diego...

My RR was even featured during Monterey Car week last summer, as I was in Carmel that week, and simply put these $ guys were trying to figure out how to make a RR their own...

Anyway - thanks for your product.  I'm a fan." 

- Michael F.

285-55-20 Nitto Trail Grappler MT's

L405 Yokohama G003 27555 R20's.....and some some 30mm wheel spacers - barry Leamy 2.jpg

Yes thanks it works great, I went with Yokohama G003 275/55 R20's.....and some some 30mm wheel spacers from Terrafirma.....they look so cool! 


"I have been off-road all over Colorado for 30 plus years.  This is something I have never experienced before, with precise technology and technique the Range Rover goes where a Jeep or vehicle with 35-36” tires think they own the trail.  The ride plush w/ luxury and confidence never felt on the trail before.  This RR at 510 hp exceeds speeds of over 100 mph driving on mountain highways too.  The Johnson Rod lift and tire combination are key to maximizing on and off-road performance of a vehicle highly capable of both." - Brad H.

265-60-20 General Grabber ATX summer

L405 KO2's KTM Bike - MR 2.jpeg

Hi! Loving the rods. Went with 20” rims and KO2s.  - Matthew R.

Have more adventure

with Johnson Rods


The Range Rover L322 "Big Body Rover" has become the fastest growing segment for off-road conversions.  The L322's are being snapped up for a good value and upgraded to become the best generation of trucks used for off-road adventures, hunting, towing, camping and second use family vehicles.  They have plenty of room for passengers and gear which make them highly desirable.  Many of the models have large 5.0 engines and supercharges which produce the horsepower needed for these tasks.  We have a L322 lift kit for the 2005 -2012 model years which provides 2 inchs of lift.  For the 2003-2004 model years we have a special 2 inch lift with rear adaptors.

Range Rover Lift Kit

The big body L322 is great for towing the toys.  Shown here with BFG KO2 275-55-20 tires

L322 with 32 inch tires Adams Rotors 5.JPG

This is why so many L322's are being purchased at a bargain price and upgraded.  They look great with the lift and larger tires and have such flexibility of use.


Great off-road capability makes the L332 highly desirable.  Shown here with our 2 inch lift and Compomotve 18" wheels.  We have these and other wheels available for your L322.  Shown here with 275-70-18 BFG KO2's

L322 Knighthawks 275-55-20 Nitto Recons by Drew Colin.JPG

Some customers just want that nice off-road look for everyday driving and minor trail use.  Here is a great build using the Knighthawk wheels from our collection of wheels available for the L322

Need Wheels?  We have wheels to fit the L405 and L322.   Click below or call us.


$450 each 

Premium wheel with 15 to 34 offset for a great look

Range Rover AT1 Gloss Blk N Matte BLK-8.jpg
Seamak Gloss Black.jpg
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