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Johnson Rods Will Enhance Your Land Rover's Performance!

Johnson Rods creates lift kits for luxury vehicles that are a part of the Land Rover Brand. All the products are made with military attachment points and high grade stainless steel. Johnson Rods is regarded by many analysts as one of the most durable lift kits on the market. Johnson Rods are compatible with all Land Rover models. While you can drive your Land Rover on all surfaces, it’s important that your vehicle has the necessary parts to withstand the conditions. Johnson Rods are built to withstand the toughest conditions possible. You can enjoy security through Johnson Rods. The company manufactures Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery lift kits. The company has partnerships with multiple shops and dealers around the World because of their commitment to excellence. Johnson Rods are stronger than original car parts. The rods include a height sensor that is effective in both extreme heat and freezing temperatures. The fixed length provides extra stability. It also eliminates common problems caused by adjustable links. Car dealerships love that the rods are flexible enough to use air suspension while stabilizing the terrain response system.

Lift Kits

Johnson Rods fill a need because they replace your height sensor rods or use the air suspension system to lower your vehicle. The rods are generally installed within an hour. The height sensor rods are attached using a metal peg and plastic sensor arm. All you need is some lubricant to remove the stock parts and slide on the Johnson Rods. Once the rods have been installed on the sensors, simply start the car, close the door, and let your car respond to enhanced height mode. You can still choose off-road height, which provides extra life to the speed restriction and eventually lowers it back once the maximum level has been reached. While it’s recommended that a mechanic install the rods, you have the option to install them on your own. Be sure to consult your manual regarding how to jack your vehicle safely.

LR3 Kit

Lift kits are significant because they enhance a vehicle’s compatibility with off-road services. Large tires have more space to gain traction and there is more ground clearance. Johnson Rods offer unmatched reliability. Replacement warranties are included on all rods. Johnson Rods offer custom lift kits for Land Rover models. Speak with your local manufacturer to see if the rods are compatible with your vehicle. The company is committed to improving the performance of your Range Rover. Johnson Rod lift kits will improve your vehicle’s durability. You’ll also have easier access to the underbody.

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