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Lower your Range Rover Sport L320  with a Johnson Rod 1.5 inch Lowering Kit.

 Johnson Rods are a premium lowering rod made from 304 stainless steel and military grade rubber attachment points.  They are stronger than the original OEM part.  Our height sensor rods are built for durability in the most demanding conditions and can operate effectively in extreme desert temperatures and freezing cold conditions.  Johnson Rods are designed in a fixed length with wider rubber attachments like the original part to prevent movement and problems associated with other adjustable rods and cheap copies .  Johnson Rods provide an effective way to lower your Land Rover using the existing air suspension while maintaining the use of the terrain response system. Buy quality parts for your Land Rover, buy Johnson Rods.  Ask your Land Rover dealer or independent mechanic to install Johnson Rods.

Range Rover Sport L320 Lowering Kit - 1.5 inch



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