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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • Will the speed limitation for off road mode still be activated?
    Yes, when off road mode is selected after the lift kit is installed the car will raise up further and the the speed limiter will lower it back to the new normal height when it is exceeded. For everyday driving your vehicle will be higher with the lift (lower with a lowering kit) than the stock height.
  • Will the rods affect my warranty?
    Technically any modification to a vehicle has the potential of voiding a warranty repair. Review your warranty and understand that risk before doing mods. Many dealerships do this install and stand behind their work. Check with your dealership on warranty issues and ask them to do the install.
  • How do Johnson Rods Work?
    Johnson Rods work in conjunction with your factory airbag springs to control the height of your vehicle by adjusting the height sensor level with a different length rod. The result is that your vehicle will ride higher (lower with a lowering kit) in each mode of oration as compared to the stock mode heights.
  • Will I still be able to control the height of my vehicle using the Terrain Response System?
    Yes, the functionality is maintained and the vehicle height modes can be controlled using the Terrain Response System from inside your vehicle. In some cases with larger tires or with lowering kits, the access mode may not be available.
  • Is installation difficult?
    Installation of Johnson Rods is very easy. Many Land Rover dealers or independent shops can install them for one hour of labor plus an alignment. Many owner install them themselves. No special tools are needed.
  • Do I need to keep the lift rods on full time?
    No, you do not have to keep them on full time and it is possible to use them when just going off road. That said, most customers do leave them on full time and get an alignment.
  • Will a rod lift work if I have coils rather than airbags?
    No, Johnson Rods require a functioning air suspension system to work.
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