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LR3 Lift Kit

Premium LR3 and LR4 Lift Kits from Johnson Rods

A quality lift kit can improve a vehicle’s ability to handle off-road abilities by providing more ground clearance and creating space for larger tires. If you are looking for a durable lift kit for your Land Rover vehicle, look no further than Johnson Custom Rods. We are the leading manufacturer of Land Rover and Range Rover Lift Kits in the country and we are trusted by top dealers and car shops across the world.

Our products offer quality, durability, and reliability that are unmatched. Plus, we even offer a free replacement warranty on all our rods, so if anything happens, you can bring it back to the manufacturer and have it replaced free of charge. All our lift kits are made from high-grade 304 stainless steel and military-grade rubber. So they offer strength and resilience that is unparalleled.

Some of the products we offer include:

  • Range Rover Lift Kits

  • Land Rover Lift Kits

  • Defender Lift Kit L663

  • Discovery 5 Lift Kit

  • LR3 Lift Kit

  • LR4 Lift Kit

  • L320 Lift Kit

  • L322 Lift Kit 

  • L405 Lift Kit


We offer custom lift kits for all Land Rover models. So, if you have a vehicle that isn’t on this list, reach out to your local manufacturer to see if a Johnson Rods lift kit is right for you.

Our Premium LR3 Lift Kit and LR4 Lift kit are among our most popular products. They are designed to utilize the existing air suspension and terrain response system of your Range Rover vehicle while adding more space for off-road tires. Our premium lift kits can be installed in under 30 minutes, so you can be on the road later that same day. Plus, they don’t require special tools or complicated assembly to install.

Contact your local Land Rover dealer or mechanic to have your LR3 or LR4 lift kit installed. We are trusted by auto retailers worldwide because of our expertise and dedication to quality.

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